Yearly Book Unhaul

Every year, I do a massive unhaul and reorganization of my books. I didn't realize until this year that this is such a librarian trait! I've been weeding my own shelves since before I was even trained on how to weed a library. Oh how we come full circle. I have a really cool project... Continue Reading →

Checked Out: Library Haul!

Hello, friends! It would be remiss of me to not include a library haul on this blog. After all, I am a librarian, and therefore an avid advocate for all things library! This haul is actually a tad peculiar. All of the books I checked out today are actually ARC's that I already own on... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About ARC’s

Hey there, friends. I have a confession. I am an unintentional ARC hoarder. Let's start at the beginning. What is an ARC? An ARC is an Advanced Readers Copy of a book. Typically these copies are given out for review or PR purposes from the author/publisher. To my understanding, the intention of an ARC is... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Reading

December. The library was decorated. The books were everywhere. But I wanted to do something special...something that had not been done before at our little school's library. I've seen libraries all over the country, in schools, and in public community spaces, participating in book wrapping events. While cleaning out the storage room, I finally decided... Continue Reading →

Book of the Month

What better way to start off a new blog with a brand new experience! If you've followed the book community for any length of time, I'm sure you've heard of the countless book boxes that are floating around the internet. Well I finally met a deal I could not pass up on. That's right, I... Continue Reading →

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