Book of the Month

What better way to start off a new blog with a brand new experience! If you’ve followed the book community for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve heard of the countless book boxes that are floating around the internet.

Well I finally met a deal I could not pass up on. That’s right, I subscribed to my very first book box!

Book of the Month is a monthly subscription box. The curators are avid readers just like you and me, who scour hundreds of books a year to pick their top five each month. They bring you brand new authors as well as house hold names, with a variety that will fit everyone’s reading taste buds.

Each month you get to pick one of the five books to add to your box, but you don’t have to stop there. You can select books from previous boxes at an additional charge, if you feel like you’ve missed out! FOMO gets me every time, I swear.

A subscription like this is great for anyone who wants to get back into reading, anyone who maybe doesn’t know where to start, or a busy reader who can’t slow down to put in the research on what’s getting 5 stars these days.

With my new job in an elementary school library, I’ve definitely fallen behind with the Young Adult and Adult Fiction world! I’m so happy that BOTM has my back, and I can trust their selections with books I’m going to love.

Want to know which book I picked for December? Stick around!

This is not a paid promotion, or an advertisement. This is just a post by a reader who really likes this company and what they do in our community. Maybe you’ll like their services too!

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