Anxious For Nothing: Mini Review

Anxious For Nothing by Max Lucado

This book was exactly what I needed when I needed it. I’ve had this book for at least two or three years, have picked it up a few times, but never finished it. Not until I needed to.

This book is a non fiction book that takes a deeper look into Philippians 4: 6-7. This is one of my favorite verses in the bible, and yet it is the one I struggle with the most in my day to day life.

I was nervous to pick this up because of the connotation surrounding Christians and mental health. Society seems to believe, well if you’ve been saved by Christ shouldn’t your life look perfect? You don’t need doctors or medicine, you have Him. And while, yes, I do have Him in my corner and at every turn, I really appreciated that Lucado included the fact that you may need to seek treatment to get your anxiety under control (whether that is with a therapist or through a medication). That alone made me feel more comfortable and at ease while reading the rest of the book, and more willing and open to take the author’s advice.

The book was separated into easy to follow concepts and chapters, with so many wonderful real life anecdotes and bible stories mixed in. The exploration of the verse really helped to peel back the layers, and find a deeper understanding with each chapter.

I know I’ll be reading this again in the future. There were so many lessons and take-aways, I know I didn’t get everything on this first full go around.

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