Yearly Book Unhaul

Every year, I do a massive unhaul and reorganization of my books. I didn’t realize until this year that this is such a librarian trait! I’ve been weeding my own shelves since before I was even trained on how to weed a library. Oh how we come full circle.

I have a really cool project planned for these books: something you’ll maybe see in a future post if it gets approved.

But for now I thought we’d start with some stats-
Total Number of Books Unhauled: 36
Books I Read: 17
Books I Did Not Read: 15
Books I DNF’d: 4
Young Adult Fiction Books: 24
Adult Fiction Books: 11
Non Fiction Books: 1

Here’s my thought process when I start cleaning up my shelves:
1. How long has this been on my shelf?
2. Am I still interested in this book?
3. Do I think I’ll pick it up within the next year (or two if it’s a book I’m really interested in, but have to be in the mood for-aka contemporary fiction)
4. Could someone else use this book now while I wouldn’t mind picking it up from the library?
5. Do I see myself rereading this book?

Fallen – DNF’d this one.
Turtles All The Way Down – This was a library donation. I don’t plan on reading it in 2020 and I don’t want it taking up space on my shelves.
Since You’ve Been Gone – I’m not interested in this young adult contemporary fiction anymore.

The Golem and the Jinni – DNF’d this one. I hung on to it for so long because it’s so pretty and I really wanted to like it.
Born Wicked – Did not read. No longer interested.
Etiquette & Espionage – Did not read. No longer interested.

Defiance – Did not read. No longer interested.
The Murder Complex – I got this one to support the author. I was a huge fan of her on booktube back in the day. But I never read this one. Hopefully someone else will enjoy it.
Throne of Glass – I just bought the boxed set of this series, and won’t be needing two copies of this book.

Angel’s Blood – This one was a gift and I loved it! I don’t see myself reading it again, and if I crave this story I don’t mind going to the library for it.
A Corner of White – This I won in a giveaway with six other books. This one I definitely wasn’t super interested in, but felt guilty getting rid of it. Did not read.
The Anatomy of Dreams – This sounded so amazing, but I’ve never been in the mood to read it. She’s gotta go.

Trials of Apollo – I won this in a giveaway. Never felt like picking it up.
Ender’s Game – I really enjoyed this one. It was my first taste into more adult science fiction, even though we follow a child main character. Don’t think I’ll read it again.
Warm Bodies – I enjoyed this book, and I think I’ve read it twice, but I don’t see myself reaching for it again in the future.

The Naming & The Riddle – These were donated to the library. I don’t see myself picking them up this year.
Eon & Eona – This one has dragons! I read this duology, but don’t see myself wanting to reread it.

Seraphina – More dragons! Read this one, but once was enough.
Revolution In World Missions – This was a donation to the library, and I had intended on gifting it to a friend before her mission. Clearly I failed at that…but this book is meant for someone and I hope they find it!
The Ring & the Crown – I love this author and how BEAUTIFUL this book is, but I never picked it up.

Why We Broke Up – I’ve never been in the mood to read about a breakup. Silly me…I’m a romantic. And I wanted to love this for the award and the gorgeous paperback edition.
Every Day – Is this a movie now? I don’t know, and I didn’t read it.
The Secret Life of Bees – I DNF’d this one, but to be fair I didn’t give it too much of a chance. I just wasn’t in the mood when I picked it up.

Deadly Class – I’m pretty sure an ex boyfriend bought me this one? I’ve never felt the need to reread it.
Everything Everything – This was such a great read the first time around, but I won’t be reading it again.
Dear John – I loved this book. I can so clearly picture it, thanks to binging this and the movie in the same week, so I don’t need to hang on to it.

The Unexpected Everything – I won this in a giveaway and had to read it twice. The first time I couldn’t get into it, and the second time I found it quite enjoyable.
When in Paris – I have read this book so many times. This was my first introduction to New Adult and Romance novels. Since then my tastes have changed, so I have no problem passing this on.
The Vincent Boys – I read this but don’t remember anything about it? So, goodbye my friend.

Love and Other Perishable Items – I loved loved loved this sweet book. It’s another read that I can so vividly picture I don’t have the need or want to reread it. I hope someone else loves it the way I did.
Demigods and Monsters – I was gifted this copy from the author in exchange for promotion and review. This is book two in the series, and it was a 3 star series for me.
The Casual Vacancy – With all the drama surrounding this author I have no qualms getting rid of this book that I DNF’d at least twice. Harry Potter will always get it’s own shelf, but this can go.

Power – This book I read for a class in college. It was a cool concept but I didn’t want to keep it.
Sarah’s Key – This book still horrifies me. I want to say not in a bad way, but yes in a not good way. So I don’t want it anymore, maybe someone else can get what they need from it.

I know this seems like a lot…and it is. But a lot of these books I’ve been hanging on to for WAY TOO LONG. We are moving into a new decade, and I want to make sure I bring the best and most important books with me. So so long 2019. So long books. Thank you for standing proudly on my shelves, some of you for years at a time, some of you for only a few months. Fare travels my friends.

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