February Hopefuls

Happy February friends! We made it through what is arguably, the longest month of the year! I don’t like committing to a TBR, because I feel like it puts me in a box, and if I don’t read those books I’ve failed somehow. So instead, I saw someone on instagram post about their next month’s “hopefuls”. Without further prelude, here are my February Hopefuls!

If I Never Met You
By Mhairi McFarlane

This is a book I won through a Goodreads giveaway! This is an ARC of a romance novel that comes out in March!! I’m so excited to read this and get my review out before its release date.


I Wish You All the Best
By Mason Deaver

When I worked at the public library, one of my amazing coworkers loaned me her copy of this book. That was MONTHS ago and I still haven’t read it. I figured February’s theme could be all types of love stories, and here we are. I’m finally gonna read this one and return it to my very kind, and patient, friend.

The Flight Girls
By Noelle Salazar

This is one of my much overdue Netgalley ARCs. This is a historical fiction novel about women working in WWII. It sounds like something I’m going to love, and something I’m going to cry over. Is it silly to hope that a WWII novel has a ‘happy’ ending?

A Treason of Thorns
By Laura E. Weymouth

This is another one of my much overdue Netgalley ARCs. This is a Young Adult fantasy novel about a girl trying to unravel the mystery of what her father has done, while magic is running wild…literally. Everything around her is turning in vines and briars. I’m very excited to dive into this magic system and uncover family secrets.

The last two books on my February Hopefuls list are Carry On and Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell. I recently attended a book signing (more on that later) in the most gorgeous little bookshop, and had to pick these up. After hearing Rainbow discuss this world, these books seem as much as a romance as they do high fantasy. And boy oh boy am I ready to drown myself in romance themed books this month!

What are you reading in February? Do you choose books based on a theme each month? Let me know!

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