January 2020 Reading Wrap Up

The Wedding Party was a really great romance novel. I loved the chemistry and the growth between our two characters. I loved all the really important discussions this novel had on various topics, including POC in the workplace, and single mothers. Highly recommend. See my full review here.

Tidelands was a historical fiction novel that made me really sad. For that reason alone this wasn’t a winner for me. The time, effort, and research that went into this novel is incredible and should be praised. The story itself was just too upsetting for me to get past. If you’re looking for a good cry, and to lose faith in our past humanity, then go for it. See my full review here.

The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon was a wonderful biographical picture book. This followed the life of painter and astronaut, Alan Bean. It was incredibly interesting and beautiful to flip through. I’d highly recommend this to children who may not be sure about themselves or their future. This story reminds us that it’s okay to like art and to like science. You don’t have to push one passion aside to accommodate the other. You can do both, if you want to. See my full review here.

Tomorrow Most Likely was a picture book teaching children about the adventures waiting around ever corner. Every new sound, every new sight that is waiting to be explored. I think this novel did a great job reminding me personally, that not everything needs to be scary. It allowed me to view the world through a kid lens, and I appreciated the reprieve from my adult fears while sitting with this book. Full review coming soon…

Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut is an incredible picture book depicting one aspect of the African American experience: the barber shop. I loved this book, and my students are loving it too. The illustrations are beyond impressive, and the text is written in a prose style that flows like water through one page to the next. Do yourself a favor and read this book. See my full review here.

The Right Swipe was an adult romance novel centered around two competing dating apps. This novel also focused really heavily on mental health, PTSD, and sports concussions. The chemistry between our main characters was off the charts!!! And what they navigated individually was really important to witness. While not my all time favorite romance, this gets a high passing grade. See my full review here.

Serafina’s Promise is a haunting children’s book written in prose. We follow a young Haitian girl on her journey to become a doctor. She goes through really traumatic events, and the story doesn’t truly have a conclusion. You get to decide if she had a happy ending or not. I’ve been pushing this book on my students, but I haven’t had any takers yet…I’ll have to come up with a different approach. See my full review here.

The Great Cheese Robbery was such a fun children’s book! We follow a band of pocket pirates on an adventure to get their stolen cat back! This was a fast paced read, that also taught students about the Trojan Horse. See my full review here.

Estranged is a junior grade Graphic Novel that I loved! We follow two boys, one is a fay changeling, and the other is his human counterpart. I’ve been reading so much adult/ya fiction about faeries, it was so cool to have an even younger perspective on this lore. The story was exciting, and captivating, while the illustrations really threw me head first into this new world. Highly recommend! Full review coming soon…

The Amazing Spider-man Marvel Origin Story is a picture book about the origins of Spider-man. Considering the many different remakes of the spider-man movies, I was excited to see what direction this story would take. It focuses heavily on learning right from wrong, which I appreciate as an Elementary Librarian. I think kids will get the excitement of the superhero story, while also learning valuable life lessons.

The Magic and Mystery of Trees is one of the most beautiful children’s nonfiction books I have ever seen! It takes you through every aspect of a tree in nature. How they form, where they form, why they form, what they feel, how they protect themselves, how they evolve. It was absolutely incredible. Every few pages I was audibly going HUH! over facts I didn’t know. Did you know trees have all five senses? You’ll have to read this book to find out more. Full review coming soon…

This was a lot for one month! I don’t know if I can keep reading at this pace for the rest of the year, but I’m definitely proud of my progress so far. I’m also personally proud of the conglomerate of age ranges here! My job enables me to read books for younger readers, while my own reading tastes allow me to dive into books intended for older audiences as well! I hope you like my blog/reviews, and will find that I have a little something for everyone here.

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