The Flight Girls: Review

The Flight Girls
by Noelle Salazar

This is, yet again, a much overdue Netgalley ARC.

I have a soft spot for Historical Fiction, but an especially soft spot for WWII Historical Fiction. This novel was everything I didn’t realize I was missing from that genre. Instead of being directly on the front lines, and in the action overseas, we saw how women were contributing to the war efforts on U.S. soil.

I loved this novel from page one. I loved our main character, Audrey. I loved her passion for her work, even though she was in a male dominated career. I loved that she was unafraid to be herself, and boldly stand by her constitution of not wanting a husband or babies, but she never shamed other women for wanting those things! Yes, Audrey!

This novel starts off just before the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was absolutely gut wrenching knowing what was about to happen next to Audrey and her friends on that island. Audrey and her roommates were training young soldiers how to fly military aircrafts when the island is attacked. This is our first introduction to the many casualties of WWII from Audrey’s perspective.

This novel had so many elements that make it an instant favorite in my book: romance, strong independent women, high stakes, and female friendship. Audrey has a goal, and a dream. While she moves from place to place, that dream never changes. She faces a few major deaths, and a new relationship that shakes her foundations and leaves her questioning if she’s on the right path, but she always finds her way back to her original plan. I truly admire Audrey for her determination in herself, and for following her gut time and time again.

This novel made me tear up more than a few times, and had me openly weeping at the loss Audrey faces. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this book, and will be recommending it to all of my friends who like historical fiction (looking at you, Robin). I think I just became a Noelle Salazar fan for life.

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