Book Haul!

Hello friends!

I hope you are all well, amidst our current global situation. My anxiety has definitely got the better of me a few times so far during this uncertain time, and the result has been to either eat everything in sight or to buy more books.

Let’s just say, I won’t run out of reading material if we truly shut everything down over the coming weeks. On a lighter note now, here are some of the books I’ve bought so far in March!

Hour of the Assassin by Matthew Quirk

My Book of the Month pick for March is Hour of the Assassin, by Matthew Quirk.

This is a political thriller that explores what happens when the most powerful people in Washington frame an ex Secret Service Agent for murder.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is a book I’ve been meaning to read since it got published. It has always had a relatively long holds list at my library, but it was finally time to grab this copy. I’m really excited to dive into this story and see for myself why it’s an award winner. To say I’m excited to finally own this is an understatement.

House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig is a book I can’t remember if I’ve heard anything about? The cover drew me in, and the description made this a no brainer. This book is about a girl who used to have 11 sisters, all princesses, but something keeps happening to them. There are ghosts (or ghostly visions) in her castle, and with her remaining sisters, she’s determined to figure out what happened to the others. If you were wondering, yes, this is a 12 dancing princesses retelling. Boy am I sold. Also, castle on the sea, I’m so down for that vibe.

The next two books are collections of poems by Rupi Kaur. Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers have been on my to read list for forever. I was so surprised to see them sitting pleasantly on Target’s shelves that I scooped them up. I so rarely read poetry, even though I know it’s one of my favorite genres to digest and chew on. I flipped through a few pages in the store, and I’ve followed Rupi Kaur on instagram, but I cannot wait to read the collections in their entirety.

Okay you guys, those are my newest purchases! There will be another book haul either this month or next, depending on when the books arrive, so stay tuned to see what else I’ve picked up.

How are you spending your time these days? What are you doing to soothe your anxiety? I pray you are all well, and that your families remain safe and healthy. And I hope you read some good books!

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  1. My response to anxiety is very similar to yours … but since I’m gluten intolerant and everything I have to eat in my house currently involves cooking … I went on a book buying/borrowing binge. xD Oops?

    I haven’t read The Hate U Give yet, either, and I’ve been intending to, as well, but I’ve heard really good things about it! Hope you enjoy it. I have, however, read House of Salt and Sorrow, and I went in not sure I would enjoy it, but it blew me away! It was really dark and creepy. Enjoy your haul!


    1. I’m gluten intolerant too!!! My friends and I were joking that the only food left in stores are gluten free items, so we’ll definitely still have stuff to eat.
      I’m halfway through House of Salt and Sorrow and it’s really creepy at times! I had to stop reading it at night. lol
      I hope you enjoy the books you’ve recently bought/borrowed!!! 🙂

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      1. Unfortunately, I don’t like the processed gluten free items, usually. xD I mean, I guess at least I won’t starve … but I won’t enjoy it, either LOL. Meanwhile, at home, I’m sitting here looking at my cabinets like … well, I could cook something … or I could not eat? Not eating feels easier. xD

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