To the Stars Who Listen – and the Dreams That Are Answered

Hi friends! I have something SO EXCITING to share with you guys today. My coworkers have their own art shop, called Chasing Confetti Creations, and they made me my own custom tumbler!

I’d seen these tumblers all over campus and tracked down the fabulous creators, Addie & Liz (we’ll, I’ve only met Addie, but I bet Liz is just as fabulous). I told them I had a big idea, and it might not work. I wanted an ombre tumbler with Slytherin green on the bottom, fading into black on top with stars. And I wanted a quote from my favorite series, A Court of Thorns and Roses.

The girls were so excited to get started, and told me they’d be ordering brand new glitter for this creation! I could not wait to see the final product, which normally would have been delivered to the circulation desk at school. Due to our stay at home order, the girls shipped my tumbler to me with the cutest tissue paper and card! Their box was sealed with a customized shop sticker, and the cup included washing instructions inside.

I guess there’s nothing left to say other than, here she is!
My custom designed tumbler!

Chasing Confetti Creations is currently accepting new orders!
You can contact them on instagram or facebook!
Let them know that Sasha, from readwiththelibrarian sent you!

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