Mid May Book Haul

Hello friends!

I’ve been taking a little break from reading. It has taken all of my concentration and energy just to get through work every day. But I’m finally turning a corner and ready to return to my bookish life (not that I ever truly left…since I’m a librarian, but I digress)!

I purchased all of these books in April, and have been leaving packages unopened for at least a week (sometimes longer) just as a precaution.

My first selection was Dark Shores and Dark Skies by Danielle L. Jensen. I purchased Dark Shores off of bookoutlet and preordered Dark Skies from one of my favorite local independent bookstores (which is now available everywhere!). I ordered both books after midnight the night I finished them, and have been so inspired by both the story and cover designs.

I recently read these books as Netgalley ARC’s, and fell in love with this series. You can see my review of Dark Shores here, and my review of Dark Skies here! I just had to have my own physical copies on my shelves.

I am still in the latter half of The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons, and could not pass up the second book in the series, The Name of all Things, when I saw it on bookoutlet. I am loving the first book so much, and have plans to finish it by next week. These books are massive, but the story never feels overwhelming or confusing. If you like epic fantasy (with appearances by a possessive dragon) you should definitely check this series out.

Up next is a new genre I’m trying to get into. And by trying I mean I’m buying books in this genre, but I haven’t actually read any of them yet. If you saw the picture guessed vikings, you’d be cheating, but also right on the money.

I’ve been seeing Tricia Levenseller and her books EVERYWHERE lately. You have probably seen, read, or heard of her novel, The Shadows Between Us, or The Daughter of the Pirate King, but I wanted to start with Warrior of the Wild, and add on to my little viking collection.

Those are the books I bought in April,
and didn’t open until the middle of May!
I hope you enjoyed this mini haul.
Have you read any of these books yet?
Which book are you most excited for me to read and review?
Let me know, I’d love to chat with you!

Want to save $10 on your first purchase (of $25 or more) at bookoutlet? Use my referral link, and I’ll save $10 on my next purchase too!

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