No Self Control: July TBR

Hello, friends! And welcome to my birthday month! July is always the best part of summer. The breeze is hot, the water is warm. There are fireworks. Barbecues. Pool side reading. And for me, there’s gluten free cake!

I decided to skip a wrap up this month since I only read three books (which isn’t bad, and I should be proud of myself for reading anything at all considering how I was feeling emotionally). So instead, I’ve spent this month going through Netgalley, and, you guessed it, acquiring even more ARCs.

I honestly don’t know what is wrong with me. Books are my addiction, and I haven’t found a support group yet.

To keep myself more accountable with my soon to be published ARCs I’ve created a spreadsheet of publish dates, page counts, to be read, and finished columns. Fingers crossed this will keep me on track and on top of my Netgalley goals.

As far as my backlogged Netgalley ARCs are concerned, all of those books will be read and reviewed in time, but I do want to put my full focus and attention on books I still have a chance to read and review before they’re officially published (since that’s the point of Netgalley to begin with).

The Library Books

I’m working my way through Black Brother, Black Brother by Jewell Parker Rhodes. This book is a middle grade novel about two brothers; one who is white passing and one who is not. It’s honestly hard to read at times, especially when I think of my students and the silent struggles they may be facing on a daily basis. So far this novel is heartbreaking, but I’m crossing my fingers that the ending is hopeful for the future.

With the Fire on High is a young adult novel about a young woman who (I believe) is taking care of her daughter as well as her grandmother. Her dream is to become a chef in her own kitchen one day, but she there comes a point when she may need to make a choice between her family and her dream. I cannot wait to read my first Elizabeth Acevedo novel. I’ve heard she’s incredible, and want to read everything she writes.

Officer Clemmons is a memoir about Dr. Clemmons life as a Black man coming to terms with his homosexuality while in college, and during the Civil Rights Movement. I mean, can you just imagine? That’s a lot to unpack, and I’m excited to read this memoir because it seems like it’s going to be a really lovely overview of Dr. Clemmons entire life, and is sure to be full of wisdom.

The Netgalley ARCs

I grew up reading Christopher Paolini’s The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) throughout middle school and high school, and lost my cool when I got an email from Netgalley with the ARC of his latest novel, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars. I don’t need to know what it’s about. I don’t care. I’ll read anything he writes. Oh, it’s also over 800 pages…so I need to get started. Expected publication: 9/15/2020

The Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis sounds like an incredible mystery. A crime takes place in the New York Public Library (a place that is on my bucket list to visit one day), and two different generations of women work to piece the puzzle together. I cannot wait to step into the NYPL in 1913 and be swallowed up by books, mystery, and atmosphere. Expected publication: 8/4/2020

The Lost Queen by Signe Pike became an ARC of mine due to a mishap. I had requested The Forgotten Kingdom by the same author, without realizing it was the second book in the series. I was in the process of writing to Netgalley to admit my mistake, when I thought…I wonder if the first book is available? Turns out, it was! So I snagged it up, and will be reading The Lost Queen this month, before diving into The Forgotten Kingdom sometime next month. The blurb lists it as Outlander meets Camelot. Say no more. Published: 9/4/2018

If you’re saying to yourself, oh three ARCs isn’t that bad…no no friends. These are three of n i n e ARCs that I’ve acquired this past month. Rolls eyes at myself. I just can’t resist beautiful covers, epic descriptions, and the chance to read amazing stories! Can you blame me?

What are you reading in July?
Do you have any fun summer books lined up? Let me know!

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