The Hate U Give: Review

The Hate U Giveby Angie Thomas I finished this book a little over a week ago, and I’m still not sure how to discuss it, or what to comment on. I can’t remember ever reading a book that felt this real, that I could empathize with this much, or that looked like the world we’ve... Continue Reading →

The Lost Apothecary: ARC Review

The Lost ApothecarySarah Penner Thank you to Netalley for providing me with a free eARC in exchange for an honest review.Expected Publication Date: March 2, 2021 I was so excited when I read the email from Netgalley pitching this book! This is pitched as a historical fiction, set in the late 1700’s in London, with... Continue Reading →

These Violent Delights: Review

These Violent Delightsby Chloe Gong These Violent Delights ended up being my Book Of The Month (no, I’m not affiliated with them, I just use their service) pick for November, and was later announced as our first book for the Moods and Pages book club hosted by Donna! This was pitched as a Romeo and... Continue Reading →

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