Echo: Book Review

by Carrie Thorne

Thank you to Reedsy Discovery for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Expected publication date: September 6, 2022.

Echo is the 4th novel in a series following a cast of demon hunters. In this novel we travel with Lana on a recon mission to help a top secret military team known only as team Echo. While Lana and her military correspondent for this recon mission, Archer, work tirelessly to discover what is killing military personnel, they quickly realize there might be more at stake personally as well as professionally. 

I had a chance to read the three previous novels in this series before starting Echo and while you could attempt to read this as a standalone, I wouldn’t recommend it. The author does a great job of filling in new readers and reminding returning readers of the demon hunters powers, traditions, and histories. I think the true advantage of being a returning reader to this series is already having a grasp on the personalities of each character, and understanding how and why they work together so well as a unit. 

Lana has been such a fun character to watch throughout this series, and I loved getting a birds eye view into her brain. Her witty banter and her confidence transcends off the page. Archer was her perfect match, and I loved seeing their dynamic when they were alone, with the Echo’s, and with Lana’s team of hunters. You could tell how much their teams valued both Lana and Archer as friends, and seeing them rally together around these two characters made me smile while reading. 

This novel, and series, is a perfect read for fantasy romance enthusiasts. The demon hunter lore, along with their prey, felt fresh in a genre that is saturated with retellings. At times this series can be gory, gritty, and a little on the dark side when it comes to the fighting sequences as well as the descriptions of the demons causing havoc. While it doesn’t reach the point of creating nightmares, it was a departure from the sexy vampires and werewolves that dominate fantasy today (although don’t get me wrong, books 2 and 3 in this series definitely have their fair share of both). 

While I do recommend this series and author to fantasy romance readers, I personally had a little trouble connecting to the author’s voice right away. It wasn’t until I started book 3 that I could confidently say I was hooked with this world and these characters. My advice if you decide to give this series a try is to not give up if you don’t feel the spark right off the bat. I truly believe each book, and relationship, got better and better.

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