Crying Wolf: Review

Crying Wolf
by Rochelle Paige

Trigger warnings: domestic violence and abuse of power (domestic partner is a cop)

I always enjoy paranormal or supernatural romances that involve at least one wolf shifter, so I was excited to pick up this story. I didn’t realize at the time, but this was a very quick read, clocking in at around 140 pages. The length of this novel understandably affected the pacing of the story, which at times I appreciated. We got right to the point, and quickly, but we did miss out on moments that make the romance so much more intense. We didn’t get to see the spark or connection grow between these characters, or the banter back and forth that makes the eventual giving in to temptation that much sweeter. 

For how quick this story was I am impressed by how much it covered. Our MC Grace is running from her abusive, cop ex-boyfriend, and lands herself right in the middle of a wolf pack. The alpha instantly senses she’s his mate, and silently has his pack trailing her around the clock. They can all sense and smell the fear radiating off her, and are waiting for the day she comes clean or the danger makes itself known. 

When it comes to contemporary romances, if a main character was this possessive of his partner it would read as an instant turn off. But when it’s a werewolf who growls when someone so much as glances her way, I have to admit I’m down bad. This was a bite sized romance with a defined beginning, middle, and sweet happily ever after. It was just what I needed after finishing a much longer book, and craving another world I could briefly slip into for just a moment. 

If there was one thing I could change about this book it would be the vulgarity and the phrasing when it came to the spicier scenes. That’s absolutely a personal choice, and this aspect of the book might be just what someone else is looking for. I was able to look past a lot of this language by attributing it to the wolf, or animalistic side of Hunter, while still allowing myself to be swept away by this quick moving story. 

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