Serafina’s Promise: Book Review

Serafina's Promise By Ann E. Burg Serafina’s Promise was beautifully told, and haunted me well after reading. I gave this book to a coworker on a whim when she asked for a book recommendation. I hadn’t read this book myself, but I knew there was some literary buzz surrounding it. She came in to work... Continue Reading →

The Great Cheese Robbery: Book Review

The Great Cheese Robberyby Chris Mould 2019-2020 SSYRA Jr. Book This was a really fun elementary grade chapter book. It’s listed for our junior readers, grades Kindergarten through Second grade, but it is definitely a higher difficulty for these students. This book would work great as a read-aloud, or for kiddos who are reading way... Continue Reading →

Librarian Life: Book Processing

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday! I'll be honest, I had no intentions of writing a post today, but something so incredible happened, and I couldn't resist. Today, I fully processed my first book into my school's library. And then I fully processed 20 more!!! I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Reading

December. The library was decorated. The books were everywhere. But I wanted to do something special...something that had not been done before at our little school's library. I've seen libraries all over the country, in schools, and in public community spaces, participating in book wrapping events. While cleaning out the storage room, I finally decided... Continue Reading →

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